Law and Public Administration and the Quest for Reconciliation

Permanent Study Group 10: Law and Public Administration
  • Dacian C. DragosEmail author
  • Polonca Kovač
  • A. T. (Bert) Marseille
Part of the Governance and Public Management book series (GPM)


Dragos Kovač and Marseille address the long-lasting dichotomy of law and public administration (management), trying to make the case for a reconciliation of the two fields. On one hand, the law is an important discipline within the wider public administration domain, and therefore legal aspects should be an inevitable part of administrative science discourse. On the other hand, the empirical approaches to law promoted by public management clearly benefit the legitimacy of regulation. The chapter explains the history and achievements of the Law and Administration Group at EGPA and emphasizes the continuous need for such a venue, where public lawyers and public managers meet and work together for an interdisciplinary approach to public administration issues. It is the Study Group’s ambition to continue its endeavor of bridging the dialogue between managers and lawyers on common interest themes.


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  • Dacian C. Dragos
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    Email author
  • Polonca Kovač
    • 2
  • A. T. (Bert) Marseille
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  1. 1.Babes Bolyai UniversityCluj-NapocaRomania
  2. 2.University of LjubljanaLjubljanaSlovenia
  3. 3.University of GroningenGroningenThe Netherlands

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