German, American and European Roots of International Cooperation in Administrative Sciences. ‘The Speyer Conferences’ and the Origins of EGPA/GEAP up to 1975

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The European Group of Public Administration/Groupe Européen d’Administration Publique (EGPA/GEAP) arose as a European complement to the International Institute of Administrative Sciences. The first European Conference was organized in 1968 by Fritz Morstein Marx. As an émigré from Nazi Germany he combined theoretical reflection and practical experience in the US public administration and came back in 1962 to a chair in Speyer. With the US experience of Brownlow’s PACA as a clearing house in mind, he brought together the Europeans including a renewed German administrative science. S. Cassese, K. König, N. Johnson, A. Leemans, F. F. Ridley, H. Siedentopf, K. Sipponen, J. Starosziak and others present at the Speyer conferences since 1968 finally made EGPA their constant network for cooperation in 1975.

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