What Happened to Prince and Princess Charming?

  • Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries


Let’s admit it, deep down we are all suckers for fairy tales. We like the kinds of stories where princes or princesses get their beloved. Stories like Cinderella or the Sleeping Beauty are very much part of our collective unconscious. The fact that millions of people all over the world were glued to their television sets observing the fairy tale-like marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle demonstrates the timelessness of these kinds of stories. After all, a mixed-race American feminist divorcée and soap actress marrying into the world’s most traditional royal family is hardly an everyday event. And it is hard to deny that the pomp and circumstance around the marriage satisfied our wildest expectations. But as in all fairy tales, our next entreaty is to have them live happily ever after. But how likely is this to happen? The absence of every member of the bride’s family except her mother was dwelt on with relish by both the mainstream and social media. The cynical and exploitative attention paid to the bride’s father, and the general labelling of both families as “dysfunctional”, suggests a happy ever after is questionable.


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