Belief-Based Information Search

  • Charles Cole


We have now come to the chapter where we outline the solution to the frame problem of information search described in Part II:

How do we come to know that which we don’t already know, that is not already in our frames? If we didn’t know it before, we wouldn’t be able to recognize it if we came across it. And if we do recognize it, we already knew it.

The solution to the frame problem can be summarized in two propositions and one conclusion, which we diagram in the chapter in three figures:

Figure 15.1: Knowledge production starts and takes place in the belief system.

Figure 15.7: Knowledge production is a side effect of the individual’s search for meaning.

Figure 15.5: Therefore, information systems and search engines should be designed to ignite the knowledge production sparkplug in the searcher’s belief system, by engaging the searcher’s quest for meaning.


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