Smart Information Service Design Based on Autonomous Vehicles

  • Qiong WuEmail author
  • Long Qin
  • Yin Shuai Zhang
  • Jie Chen
Conference paper
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With the development of information technology, automobile is moving from manually-controlled mechanical products to smarter system-controlled products. The paper talked about the change of the human-machine interaction and the corresponding smart information service design for autonomous vehicles. In particular, the paper analyzed what would happen on driver’s disappearance and the changes of the interior space, in particular, how to afford the transferring of multi-functions and sharing. Through the study of the relationships between people, vehicles, information and environment, the paper explored the possible contents of smart information service, interaction ways provided by driverless vehicles and solutions for other public services except for transportation.


Information service design Autonomous vehicle Interaction design 



This research was supported by 2016 Culture and Arts Research Project, Ministry of Culture, P.R. China, the number is 16DG56;

Feng zhou from UISEE gave many great comments and shared his thoughts generously.


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  • Qiong Wu
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  • Long Qin
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  • Yin Shuai Zhang
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  • Jie Chen
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  1. 1.Academy of Art and DesignTsinghua UniversityBeijingChina

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