Business Process Crowdsourcing: Decision Support Tool

  • Nguyen Hoang Thuan
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Establishing business process crowdsourcing (BPC) involves multiple activities, contextual factors and choices, which makes managerial decisions difficult. This chapter manages the difficulty by proposing a decision tool supporting BPC establishment, operationalising the ontological knowledge base developed in the previous chapter. The tool helps make the decision to crowdsource or not, and choose appropriate design alternatives for the crowdsourcing process. The decision tool was carefully evaluated using experiments with 190 participants and two focus groups. The experiment results show that the tool is useful by significantly increasing: the performance in making the decision to crowdsource or not, and the design of crowdsourcing processes. The focus group results likely confirm the utility of the tool, especially regarding its ability to structure and provide useful information in establishing BPC. With these empirical results, this chapter contributes to move forward the theoretical efforts in conceptualising the BPC phenomenon.

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  1. 1.Faculty of Information TechnologyCan Tho University of TechnologyCan Tho CityVietnam

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