Enteric Feeding and Decompression Tubes

  • John A. CieslakEmail author
  • Elena G. Violari
  • Douglas W. Gibson
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There are multiple indications for placement of enteral tubes. Gastroenteric tube feeding plays a major role in the management of patients with poor voluntary intake, chronic neurological or mechanical dysphagia, or gut dysfunction and patients who are critically ill. Likewise, patients with partial small-bowel obstruction are often initially treated conservatively with nasogastric tube decompression. These tubes are most frequently placed blindly and then their position within the stomach confirmed with abdominal radiographs. However, difficult tube placement is frequently encountered and can benefit from fluoroscopic-assisted visualization during tube placement. Therefore, if difficulty is encountered during enteric tube placement or if there is question of positioning post-blind enteric tube placement, surgical teams would benefit from radiology consult for assistance when radiologically assisted methods can be employed to achieve enteral access.


Enteral tube feeding Enteral nutrition Enteric tubes Enteric decompression 


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