Introduction to Economic Statistics

  • Elena V. SibirskayaEmail author
  • Lyudmila V. Oveshnikova
  • Lilia A. Mikheykina
  • Innara R. Lyapina
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 158)


Economic statistics is: (1) the area of knowledge—science encompassing a complex and multi-branch system of scientific disciplines (areas) which have a certain specificity, they study the qualitative aspect of mass phenomena and processes in inextricable connection with their qualitative aspect; (2) the area of practical activity—collecting, processing, analyzing and publishing mass data about the phenomena and processes of social life; (3) a set of digital data characterizing the state of mass phenomena and processes of social life or their totality; (4) the area of statistics applying the methods of mathematical statistics for studying social and economic processes and phenomena.


Multi-branch System Mass Phenomenon Inextricable Connection Qualitative Aspects Natural Resource Component 
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