Difficulties Implementing Big Data: A Big Data Implementation Study

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The exponential increase in the volume of data, the velocity at which they are created and their vast and progressively expanding varieties can be derived from virtually all aspects of our everyday lives. This situation prompts the need for urgent change in the way data are stored, received, and analyzed. Today, organizations under appreciate the changes, growth and strategic development their Big Data are capable of providing. Organizations also overestimate their own ability to access and interrupt their data in order to derive benefit from it. Big Data problems in organizations have historically been approached with an isolated outlook, rather than viewing issues as co-dependent parts of one another. The purpose of this research is to identify and summarize the general challenges faced by an organizations ability to adequately utilize and capitalize on the opportunities presented by its Big Data. Through the research methods of data collection and multiple case study analysis, this paper proposes a three-step framework model, which focuses on definition, organization and value creation. The proposed framework serves to mitigate Big Data implementation challenges and their involved issues faced by an organization.


Big data Implementation Difficulties 


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