Besançon Model Simulations of MOA-II

  • Supachai Awiphan
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To date, there are thousands of microlensing events have been detected by survey teams, such as MOA (Bond et al, MNRAS, 333:71, 2002, Bond et al. 2002), OGLE (Udalski et al, Acta Astron 58:69, 2008, Udalski et al. 2008) and KMTNet (Hwang et al, arXiv:1507.05361, 2015, Hwang et al. 2015). These event samples can be used to calculate the optical depth, average crossing time and event rate of the microlensing events at the Galactic bulge. In a recent study, the MOA-II survey (Sumi et al, ApJ 778:150, 2013, Sumi et al. 2013) determined these parameters from a study of 474 microlensing events in 2006–2007 observation season.


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