Detectability of Habitable Exomoons

  • Supachai Awiphan
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Exomoons are natural satellites of exoplanets. To date, none has been confirmed yet, nevertheless two possible exomoon candidates: an exomoon orbiting a gas giant, MOA-2011-BLG-262L b (Bennett et al, ApJ 785:155, 2014) and a Neptune-sized exomoon orbiting a Jupiter-sized exoplanet, Kepler-1625b I (Teachey et al., (2018) AJ 155:36, 2018) have been announced. However, if our Solar System is typical, then exomoons must be common. Several methods have been developed to detect exomoons; including the transit method (Simon et al. (2007) A&A 470:727, Simon et al. 2007), microlensing (Han, Han, ApJ 580:490, Han and Han 2002; Liebig, Wambsganss, A&A 520:A68, Liebig and Wambsganss 2010), pulsar-timing (Lewis et al., ApJ 685:L153, Lewis et al. 2008), Rossiter–McLaughlin effect (Simon et al., MNRAS 406:2038, Simon et al. 2010) and scatter-peak (Simon et al., MNRAS 419:164,Simon et al. 2012).


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