Machine Intelligence: Blessing or Curse? It Depends on Us!

  • Dirk HelbingEmail author


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help us in many ways. Particularly when combined with robotics, AI can make our everyday life more comfortable (e.g. clean our home). It can perform hard, dangerous and boring work for us. It can help us to save lives and cope with disasters more successfully. It can support patients and elderly people. It can support us in our everyday activities, and it can make our lives more interesting. I believe that most of us would like to benefit from these unprecedented opportunities. So far, however, any technology came along with side effects and risks. As I will show, people may lose self-determination and democracy, companies may lose control, and nations may lose their sovereignty, if we do not pay attention. In the following, I describe a worst-case and a best-case scenario to illustrate that our society is at a crossroads. It is crucial now to take the right path.


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