Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Small State Seeking for Status



This chapter looks at Cyprus as a status seeker in the Eastern Mediterranean and sheds some new light on Cyprus’ role in the region as well as on the study of small state status in the discipline of the International Relations. The authors investigate Cyprus’ status seeking strategy , assess its effectiveness and discuss its impact, by exploring its relationships with the great powers, the EU and with its neighbours in the region. Their findings indicate that Cyprus’ status seeking strategy has been successful. The Republic of Cyprus is being recognized as a key player in the region, as a “good power” and a useful partner. Moreover, the authors suggest that Cyprus status seeking strategy has laid the foundations for changes in the Eastern Mediterranean. In addition, they argue that in the case of Cyprus status seeking is not an end in itself. Cyprus seeks to better its position and harness the gains from that improvement. Thus, this chapter shows that even a small, occupied, peripheral small state can succeed in status seeking and improve not only its status, but also enhance conditions for cooperation, peace, stability, security in a region. That said, the authors underline that changes in the Eastern Mediterranean are at an embryonic stage and Cyprus’ advanced status in the region remains fluid and vulnerable.


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