Capability Management in the Cloud

  • Jānis GrabisEmail author
  • Jānis Kampars


Capabilities are developed and delivered in various modes. In line with the Capability as a Service (CaaS) paradigm, the capability development and delivery is also supported in the cloud environment. The cloud-based approach allows offering capabilities possessed by the service provider to a large number of potential consumers, supports quick deployment of the Capability-Driven Development (CDD) environment, and enables information sharing among users. The chapter describes a cloud-based capability management model, which supports multi-tenant and private modes. The architecture and technology of the cloud-based CDD environment is elaborated. The pattern repository shared among capability users is a key component enabling information sharing. Additionally, this chapter also shows usage of the CDD methodology to build cloud-native capability delivery applications (CDA) combining the cloud-based CDD environment and cloud-ready CDA.


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