Directed Graphs

  • Xueliang Li
  • Colton Magnant
  • Zhongmei Qin
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Much like the undirected version, a strongly connected directed graph is called proper connected if between every ordered pair of vertices, there is a directed properly colored path. Defined in Magnant et al. (Matematiqki Vesnik 68(1):58–65, 2016), the directed proper connection number of a strongly connected directed graph G, denoted by \(\overrightarrow {pc}(G)\), is the minimum number of colors needed to color the (directed) edges so that the directed graph is proper connected. Clearly \(\overrightarrow {pc}(G) \geq 2\) for any G since a directed edge from u to v implies there is no directed edge from v to u so a directed path from v to u must use at least 2 colors.


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