Philosophy’s Role in Ethics Across the Curriculum: Failures, Successes, and Suggestions for the Future

  • Phyllis (Peggy) VandenbergEmail author


This paper is a report on the academic discipline of Philosophy and its engagement in practical/applied ethics—primarily including the teaching of ethics across the university. The involvement of philosophers individually and philosophy as a discipline in civic and public engagement or anywhere practical ethics is being discussed or taught will also be considered. This includes making policy in government, corporations, professions, or in any societal discussions where there is need for practical determinations of an ethical nature. In keeping with a common philosophical practice—the grounding of scholarship in the history of philosophy, tradition and the accepted canon—the chapter begins with the philosophical and public engagement of Socrates in 428 BCE. The conclusion argues that 18th century moral sentimentalist, David Hume, has insights into human nature and moral development that are helpful to effective philosophical engagement in the 21st century.


Practical ethics Applied ethics Public philosophy Professional ethics David Hume Moral sentimentalism Ethics and pedagogy Philosophical ethics 


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