China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”: What’s in it for Law Firms and Lawyers?



The Belt and Road Initiative, as a centrepiece of China’s limitless economic rise, offers ample room for lawyers and law firms to generate new work and capitalize on new opportunities. Utilizing survey method, this study offers a new insight into what are the expectations within the legal services industry in PRC, and what are some of the peculiarities stretching lawyers beyond their traditional roles. Addressing short-term and long-term expectations of lawyers, and approaches utilized by law firms to authentically connect with potential clients, this study offers further insight into practice areas of current and future demand, and law firms’ outreach activities and strategies. The relationship between PRC government and the legal services industry in the context of the One Belt, One Road initiative, and the special role Hong Kong (SAR) has to play within the initiative are giving a completion to this survey-based study, that covers geographically the Mainland and Hong Kong (SAR).



The author would like to thank Professor Mingyuan Wang, Director of The Center for Environmental, Natural Resources & Energy Law, Tsinghua University (THCEREL), for the advice, support and guidance throughout this research. The author is much appreciative to his colleagues Roger Jiang and Yueling Liu from the Legal & Risk Control Department of Country Garden Overseas Division, who offered extraordinarily helpful criticism. The author is especially grateful to the Fortum Foundation, Finland for its continuous support and patronage.


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