Algorithms for Accurate Spectral Analysis in the Presence of Arbitrary Non-coherency and Large Distortion

  • Yuming Zhuang
  • Degang Chen


In spectral analysis, achieving coherent sampling, especially when signals have large distortion, has been a challenge for many years. This chapter introduces three algorithms to resolve this issue. In comparison to previous algorithms, and two widely used methods in industry (windowing and four-parameter sine wave fit), these new algorithms are capable of obtaining accurate spectral results of the signal while achieving high accuracy and computational efficiency. The novel contribution of this chapter is not only the proposal of three new algorithms but also the analysis of their advantages and limitations in detail, providing their trade-offs and different fields of applications. Extensive simulations and measurements were performed to validate these algorithms. Combined with the high accuracy, computational efficiency, and robustness of these algorithms against signal purity, they are readily available to be implemented for bench or on-chip testing. In addition, it is suitable for data converter spectral testing when non-coherent sampling is present and spectrally pure test signal source is not available.


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  • Degang Chen
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