Assessing the Impact of Internet of Everything Technologies in Football

  • Marcelo Pires
  • Vítor Santos
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 745)


Internet of Things has been one of the hottest technology concepts in the last years. It started with the wearable devices and any digital one connected online, and evolved to a web connected network linking everything from devices, sensors, machines, people, processes, companies and so on, creating the Internet of Everything concept. There are many application areas, but one stands out due to its popularization and importance industry, one talks about Sports, specifically Football. Football has been reinventing itself with the implementation of technology, recreating the formula used in the United States Major Sports, where technology helps enhancing the spectacle experience, expand game analysis by coaches, players, media; live refereeing and improve health recoveries and detection of injuries. This research will make a state of situation regarding technology in football, recognizing the present used technologies and what could be implemented, and ultimately measuring the impact of these devices in Football.


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