Lattice-Mediated Magnetic Order Melting in Multiferroic Mott Insulators

  • Edoardo Baldini
Part of the Springer Theses book series (Springer Theses)


One fascinating topic in the field of nonequilibrium dynamics concerns the manipulation and control of magnetic order using ultrashort laser pulses. This subject has rapidly improved in the last decade, due to its relevance for modern data storage and processing technology by Kirilyuk et al. (Rev Mod Phys 82(3):2731, 2010 [1]). The ultimate success of this research field is intimately related to the comprehension of the response that a specific magnetic material will exhibit upon the interaction with a tailored light pulse. Being able to predict the pathway followed by the energy and the angular momentum from the initial photons to the spin degrees of freedom can pave the route to the development of novel materials with superior functionalities.


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