After the Esprit des Lois: Montesquieu and Travel Literature

  • Rolando Minuti
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The years between the publication of the Esprit des Lois and Montesquieu’s death in 1755 were mainly marked by the rapidly growing fame of a book that the French and European cultural and philosophical milieus had immediately acknowledged as a key text, and by the polemics and discussions that it triggered: censure by the Sorbonne, its being placed on the Church’s Index of Prohibited Books, and the publication of the Défense de l’Esprit des Lois. In parallel, Montesquieu continued writing and publishing works which though not as compelling, were no less relevant – the Lysimaque, Essai sur le gout, Mémoire sur la Constitution – and above all, he devoted his energies to revisions of his major books - Lettres Persanes, Considérations sur les Romains, and Esprit des Lois – with plans for new editions.

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  • Rolando Minuti
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