Tribe Aleocharini Fleming, 1821

  • Jan KlimaszewskiEmail author
  • Reginald P. Webster
  • David W. Langor
  • Adam Brunke
  • Anthony Davies
  • Caroline Bourdon
  • Myriam Labrecque
  • Alfred F. Newton
  • Julie-Anne Dorval
  • J. Howard Frank


Keys to genera and species of the tribe Aleocharini Fleming are provided. A review of the 35 species of Aleochara Gravenhorst and four species of Amarochara C.G. Thomson recorded in eastern Canada is presented. The following is provided for each species: a morphological diagnosis, distribution, information about habitat and methods of collection, key references, colour images of the habitus, and black and white images of the genitalia (median lobe of the aedeagus, spermatheca) and terminal segments of both sexes.


Aleocharinae Eastern Canada Tribe Aleocharini Review Key to species Images Distribution 


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