Adjunction and Relocation

  • O. Bradley Bassler


In this chapter, I continue the discussion of dislocation as a second level of visionary critique by introducing the notion of adjunction as global dislocation, providing as an example the inverse relation between analytic and synthetic methods as described in the B Preface to Kant’s First Critique. Once the strategy of dislocation has been globalized, the first level of visionary critique can be “lifted up” through the second level to a third level, which I call variously relocation, distribution or redistribution, depending on context. I introduce this third level by showing how Kant’s transcendental deduction can be understood as just such a lifting. I conclude the chapter with a relocation of my own, in which I subject Blumenberg’s own account of philosophical modernity to a redistribution as a further exemplification of the three-tiered strategy of visionary critique (or paraphysics, as I also call it).


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