Introduction to Mobile Robot Path Planning

  • Anis Koubaa
  • Hachemi Bennaceur
  • Imen Chaari
  • Sahar Trigui
  • Adel Ammar
  • Mohamed-Foued Sriti
  • Maram Alajlan
  • Omar Cheikhrouhou
  • Yasir Javed
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 772)


Robotic is now gaining a lot of space in our daily life and in several areas in modern industry automation and cyber-physical applications. This requires embedding intelligence into these robots for ensuring (near)-optimal solutions to task execution. Thus, a lot of research problems that pertain to robotic applications have arisen such as planning (path, motion, and mission), task allocation problems, navigation, tracking. In this chapter, we focused on the path planning research problem.


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  • Sahar Trigui
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  • Adel Ammar
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  • Mohamed-Foued Sriti
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  • Maram Alajlan
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