Working with SDMX

  • Reinhold Stahl
  • Patricia Staab


Although SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange) has spread significantly throughout the world of official statistics, most of the software products based on it have been self-developed by statistical institutions, and are therefore proprietary. However, there is a fair amount of open-source software provided by the SDMX community free of charge, which can be very helpful to those approaching the subject.

These tools have a very different degree of maturity and often offer overlapping functionalities. But with the help of this software collection, the following requirements can be met: create new and manage existing data structures; file and manage SDMX datasets; edit SDMX files; work with the data in SDMX datasets; and store information about SDMX datasets centrally. On top of that, programming libraries can also be found to use for in-house development.


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