Definitions and Preliminaries

  • Fatemeh Ganji
Part of the T-Labs Series in Telecommunication Services book series (TLABS)


This chapter focuses on the background information and notations required to understand the general concept of PUFs, PAC model and several mathematical representations established to launch ML attacks against PUFs. The material collected and reworked in this chapter has been first presented in Ganji et al. (J Cryptogr Eng Spec Sect Proofs, 2014:1–10, 2016, [36]; Trust and trustworthy computing, Springer, Berlin, pp. 22–39, 2015, [35]; Let me prove it to you: RO PUFs are provably learnable, 2015, [34]; Ganji et al. International conference on cryptographic hardware and embedded systems–CHES 2016, Springer, Berlin, pp. 391–411, 2016, [32]; J Cryptogr Eng, 2017, [33]).

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