At Home and Abroad

  • Carol Komaromy
  • Jenny Hockey


This chapter tells the story of the three men who go to war, Carol’s father James, Jenny’s father David and her uncle Arthur. It covers the key causes of World War Two and the enlistment of these three men into the army and the RAF. Each took very different routes and had very different experiences of that war. David served in the RAF—staying in England as part of the home defence and marrying Jenny’s mother in 1942; Arthur joined the army and served in the Middle East before being killed in Italy in 1943; while Jim joined the RAF in 1942 and began training in preparation for D-Day. He also married in war-time. The chapter includes the tragic event of Jenny’s father learning that Arthur had been killed in action while he was looking after his dying mother.


Enlistment World War Two causes Forces training Family death 

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