Ascension Homiletic and Habakkuk

  • Neal D. Presa
Part of the Asian Christianity in the Diaspora book series (ACID)


This chapter contributes a distinct Filipino American perspective to the field of homiletics and the lacuna of Asian American voices. It lifts up Eunjoo Mary Kim’s “spiral homiletic” and Al Tizon’s missional hermeneutic as important Asian American perspectives in this field. A Filipino American homiletic connects the ascension with the sacraments; thus this chapter names and proposes an ascension homiletic through the author’s preaching from a three-part sermon on the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. Habakkuk is a ready conversation partner, as he was speaking to/from a location of exile, a prophet offering a word of hope to exiles, a diaspora, and the Israelite remnant, while advocating for them to God, and he himself belonged to that community that was enduring deep struggle in the midst of foreign conquest.


Homiletic Habakkuk Preaching Asian American Pakikibaka as bahala na Kasamahan and bayanihan 

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