Ascension Theology and Habakkuk

  • Neal D. Presa
Part of the Asian Christianity in the Diaspora book series (ACID)


This chapter proposes that the theology of the ascension has not been fully mined for its ecclesiological ramifications, compared to the incarnation, passion, death, and resurrection of Christ and the giving of the Holy Spirit. Thus, this chapter explores John Calvin’s and Karl Barth’s distinctive, but related approaches to this doctrine as one focused on participation in Christ and communion. This chapter points to the “both/and”, “here but not yet” reality of the ascension in how the diaspora lives out faith with “two hearts and two homes.” A key feature of this section is connecting Gemma Tulud Cruz’s notion of pakikibaka (struggle) as bahala na (hopeful, hope-filled risk taking) and Joaquin Gonzalez’s discussion of how the diaspora in the San Francisco Bay Area participate in kasamahan (strengthening ties among the diaspora) and bayanihan (bridging with the US culture and with the Philippines).


Ascension Barth and Calvin Koinonia and participation Pakikibaka as bahala na Struggle as risk Ecumenical 

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