Geochemical Properties

  • Mehdi Ostadhassan
  • Kouqi Liu
  • Chunxiao Li
  • Seyedalireza Khatibi
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Shale reservoirs with organic-rich intervals are often characterized by high quantities of kerogen, bitumen and also moveable hydrocarbons. Despite lots of conducted studies to improve understanding of the shale characteristics, kerogen, as one the main constituents of mudrocks, is not thoroughly understood. Understanding organic matter properties in terms of maturity, content, and type are crucial for the development of unconventional reservoirs. Studies also showed the presence of organic matter has a non-negligible effect on hydraulic fracturing operations. In this chapter, organic matter characterization by conventional methods along with a new analytical method known as Raman spectroscopy are discussed.


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  • Kouqi Liu
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  • Chunxiao Li
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  • Seyedalireza Khatibi
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