CS 4: Case Study 4: The Communicative and Participatory Strength to Make Milan More Sustainable

  • Maurizio Abbati


Milan, a town in the middle of one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Italy (3,176,180 inhabitants) has been developing shared actions for a long time in order to face Environmental issues particularly serious, considering also its geographical position: in the heart of the Po Valley surrounded by the Alpine range acting as a barrier to the outflow of the atmospheric pollutants. According to 2014 data from the European Climate Agency the concentration of PM10 (polluting particles with a diameter inferior to 10 μm) reaches, in the Milan area, alarming values from 50 to 75 mg per metric cube (normal values should be inferior to 20 mg per m3). These worrying peaks of pollution are the consequence of the high level of the urban traffic congestion both in the historical city centre and on the roads in and out Milan and its Metropolitan Area.

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