IWP 9: Interview No. 9: Rhodri Jones

  • Maurizio Abbati


In your career as documentary photographer you have been experiencing the close relationship between Nature and Humankind, two sides of the same Ecosystem, often in opposition, sometimes in harmony. We are referring, in particular, to your project “Hinterland” which shows the urban development of some areas close to big cities in northern Italy and worldwide. Environmental communication is strongly linked to visual representations which could be as effective as other media. Or even stronger as Ansel Adams (American photographer and environmentalist) used to say: “when Words become unclear, I shall focus with Photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence”. Do you agree with this sentence? If yes, why? Do you think that a project like “Hinterland” would enable the public (addressees) to think about the impact of human actions on the Environment, pushing them to consider a more sustainable local development?

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