Thickness and Beyond. Exploiting Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Atomic Force Nanolithography for the Investigation of Ultrathin Interfaces of Biologic Interest

  • Pietro Parisse
  • Ilaria Solano
  • Michele Magnozzi
  • Francesco Bisio
  • Loredana Casalis
  • Ornella Cavalleri
  • Maurizio Canepa
Part of the Springer Series in Surface Sciences book series (SSSUR, volume 52)


The evaluation of thickness, refractive index, and optical properties of biomolecular films and self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) has a prominent relevance in the development of label-free detection techniques (quartz microbalance, surface plasmon resonance, electrochemical devices) for sensing and diagnostics. In this framework Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) is an important player. In our approach to SE measurements on ultrathin soft matter, we exploit the small changes of the ellipsometry response (\(\delta \varDelta \) and \(\delta \varPsi \)) following the addition/removal of a layer in a nanolayered structure. So-called \(\delta \varDelta \) and \(\delta \varPsi \) difference spectra allow to recognize features related to the molecular film (thickness, absorptions) and to the film-substrate interface thus extending SE to a sensitive surface UV-VIS spectroscopy. The potential of ellipsometry as a surface spectroscopy tool can be boosted when flanked by other characterizations methods. The chapter deals with the combined application of broad-band Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and nanolithography methods to study organic SAMs and multilayers. Nanolithography is achieved by the accurate removal of molecules from regularly shaped areas obtained through the action of shear forces exerted by the AFM tip in programmed scans. Differential height measurements between adjacent depleted and covered areas provide a direct measurement of film thickness, which can be compared with SE results or feed the SE analysis. In this chapter we will describe the main concepts behind the SE difference spectra method and AFM nanolithograhy. We will describe how SE and AFM can be combined to strengthen the reliability of the determination of thickness and, as a consequence, of the optical properties of films. Examples will be discussed, taken from recent experiments aimed to integrate SE and AFM nanolithography applied to SAMs and nano layers of biological interest. By analysing in detail the changes of the spectroscopic features of compact versus non-compact layers and correlating such changes with the post-lithography AFM analysis of surface morphology SE unravels the specific versus unspecific adsorption of biomolecules on gold surfaces functionalized with suitable SAMs.


Spectroscopic ellipsometry Surface optical spectroscopy Self- assembled monolayers Ultrathin biomolecular films Atomic force microscopy Nanolithography Nanografting Bio-molecule specific immobilization Label-free detection 



The authors acknowledge funding from the Italian Ministry of Education (FIRB grant RBAP11ETKA-005). M.C. thanks all the people who collaborated along the years to his SE research on ultrathin organic an biologic films and in particular Mirko Prato and Chiara Toccafondi.


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