General Concept for Preventing Energy Crises

  • L. D. Gitelman
  • M. V. KozhevnikovEmail author
  • T. B. Gavrilova
Part of the Innovation and Discovery in Russian Science and Engineering book series (IDRSE)


The paper considers the aftermath of a crisis for the electric power industry and resulting economic development issues. A comprehensive approach to mitigating the consequences is suggested that includes emergency as well as strategic measures. The authors prove that the suggested minimum set of emergency measures makes it possible to avoid the most dangerous scenario. Strategic measures are outlined that improve the sustainability of the energy sector and make future crises less severe. The authors show the expediency of embracing demand-side management (DSM) and the benefits of DSM for all parties involved. The advantages of developing distributed generation at the level of the region and the level of the grid are considered, and barriers hampering small-scale power generation and ways of overcoming them are proposed.


Crisis Aftermath Emergency Anti-Crisis Measures Strategic (Preventive) Measures Electricity Supply Optimisation Strategic Decision-Making Tools Demand-Side Management Small-Scale Electric Power Generation 



The work was supported by Act 211 Government of the Russian Federation, contract № 02.A03.21.0006.


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  • L. D. Gitelman
    • 1
  • M. V. Kozhevnikov
    • 1
    Email author
  • T. B. Gavrilova
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Energy and Industrial Management SystemsUral Federal UniversityYekaterinburgRussia

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