A Concept of Transition to a Technological Regulation System for the Power Industry

  • M. BerezyukEmail author
  • A. Rumyantseva
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A significant contribution to the current level of pollution in the Russian Federation is made by the companies of the energy sector. The transition to a technological regulation system is based on the use of the best available technology (BAT). The concept formation of the transition to BAT is a challenge for the industry. The basis of the concept is the unified approach development, harmonized with the European approaches, Russian practice, and methodological guidelines for BAT identification, which will facilitate informational and technical implementation of BAT in the economic entities of the energy sector. To solve this problem, the authors developed a model for BAT implementation.

The economic expediency evaluation of the technology in a particular industry is an integral part of BAT implementation concept.


Concept Power industry Best available technologies Economic effectiveness Ecological effectiveness 


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