Geoethics: The Peruvian Case

  • H. Saul Pérez-Montaño
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The term geoethics is a new word in Peru; however, it has been using in practical terms by the old Peruvians (Incas), because they were promoting geoscience taking care of the environment and society centuries ago. This beautiful concept has changed along the time, although there are places especially in the highland cities where people continue following this ancient tradition. Besides the economic, political stability, and the recent support of research and science, there is a separation between the concept of geoethics and the perception and work done for many institutions especially when we talk about the preservation of land, water sources, and environment. Although there are important advances and some policies have been established to promote the equilibrium of the economic activities and the conservation and preservation of the natural resources and land. In the current context, there is a lack of qualified professionals with enough background on ethics, these new professionals should take the lead and be responsible to promote a new educational cultural in geoethics with a vision of social responsibility.


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