Estimation of Pedestrian Height Using Uncalibrated Cameras

  • Alejandro Valdés-Camejo
  • Guillermo Aguirre-Carrazana
  • Raúl Alonso-Baryolo
  • Annette Morales-González
  • Francisco J. Silva-Mata
  • Edel García-Reyes
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10657)


The height of a person can be used as a Soft Biometrics feature in surveillance scenarios. The automatic estimation of pedestrian height have been addressed mostly on calibrated cameras. We are proposing a new method for real height estimation in videos from uncalibrated cameras. Our proposal computes the horizon line within the scene and then, the relative height of each person is obtained. We employ the real height distribution of a population to provide the final height value. In this process, it has been included an evaluation of the silhouette’s quality, in order to improve the results. Experiments were conducted in uncontrolled scenarios, showing a good performance of our method.


Height estimation Video surveillance Silhouette quality Shape matching Uncalibrated camera 


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  1. 1.Advanced Technologies Application CenterHavanaCuba

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