Exploring Image Bit Planes for Video Shot Boundary Detection

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The wide availability of digital content and the advances in multimedia technology have leveraged the development of efficient mechanisms for storing, indexing, transmitting, retrieving and visualizing video data. A challenging task is to automatically construct a compact representation of video sequences to help users comprehend the most relevant information present in their content. In this work, we develop and evaluate a novel method for detecting abrupt transitions based on bit planes extracted from the video frames. Experiments are conducted on two public datasets to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Results are compared against other approaches of the literature.


Bit planes Cut detection Video shot boundary Video analysis 



The authors are thankful to São Paulo Research Foundation (grant FAPESP #2014/12236-1) and Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (grant CNPq #305169/2015-7 and scholarship #141647/2017-5) for their financial support.


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