Big Data and Data Analytics in Aviation

  • Gerrit Burmester
  • Hui Ma
  • Dietrich Steinmetz
  • Sven HartmannnEmail author


Big Data technology in the field of aviation has emerged in recent years. Continuously growing amounts of data sources such as sensors, radars, cameras, weather stations, airports, etc. produce terabytes of high dynamic data each second. The future aviation concepts require modern data storing, data processing, and data analyzing technologies. The extraction of meaningful knowledge from the given data is a major challenge, trends, cross-connection, correlations, etc. have to be identified. Real-time critical tasks increase additionally the technology requirements and need innovative solutions. The application of Big Data technology in aviation context optimizes safety aspects, fuel consumption, maintenance processes, flight scheduling, etc. This chapter describes a process of Big Data application and summarizes relevant actual Big Data methods in the aviation domain.


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  • Hui Ma
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  • Dietrich Steinmetz
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  • Sven Hartmannn
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