Data Mapping Using RBF

  • Marco Evangelos BiancoliniEmail author


The present chapter details a generic mapping algorithm based on RBF. Mapping allows to interpolate information known at discrete locations across not-matching numerical grids of the same geometrical entities. After an overview of mapping procedures, examples of CFD computed pressure field mapping onto structural mesh adopted for FEA based CSM (see Chap.  11) is demonstrated starting with a simple reference geometry (a catenoid) and then with actual complex three-dimensional shapes of aircraft wings. The volume mapping is then addressed with a specific focus of the mapping of electro magnetic (EM) loads onto structural meshes. Examples in which magnetic loads are already available as force density or as magnetic field and density current (so that load density is computed on the FEA as a Lorentz Force) are presented. Practical examples involving the toroidal field (TF) coil of DEMO superconductor magnet are shown with details of the stress response of the structure subjected to the EM loads.


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