Streamline Management of Arctic Shelf Industry

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The current research covers one of the most urgent management issues of today’s world in Arctic Shelf industry on the Russian part. The research design is characterized as quantitative: data collection includes official annual and sustainable reports of biggest energy companies, articles, books and the other information resources. We analyzed how to modernize and develop the management and safety of the Arctic zone. Streamline management can led to high productivity and efficiency of the Arctic Shelf industry. Also we design lucrative scheme to increase benefits and decrease the cost of development the Arctic shelf industry. Arctic shelf development is a prerequisite for economic power of the country and here, an important factor in streamline management of production processes and reducing related production risks is competent. Russian Arctic zone generally is a huge resource reserve of the country and among the few world regions with practically untapped hydrocarbon, mineral, and others reserves for developing streamline management of Arctic Shelf industry.


Streamline management Reduction of the cost Production output Offset expenses Streamline management Arctic shelf industry 


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