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Conclusion. ‘In Return’: Towards a Hauntology of Twenty-First Century English Literature

  • Katy Shaw


Using the power of literary representation to subvert and challenge, the twenty-first century authors profiled by this study stage various debates in relation to the specter, interrogating concepts of anxiety and justice, intertextuality and hospitality, selfhood and trauma. The conclusion reflects on why their works are most radical in their spectral moments and in their representation of a range of specters that refuse to submit to homogeneity, but rather disrupt and open up moments or issues to uncertainty, challenging both the writer and reader in the contemporary moment.


Hauntology English literature culture past present Derrida spectrality contemporary fiction writings 

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  • Katy Shaw
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  1. 1.Department of HumanitiesNorthumbria UniversityNewcastle Upon TyneUK

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