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Chapter 2 Phantasmal Intertexts: Literary Spectrality in Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem (2009)

  • Katy Shaw


This chapter explores the haunting use of intertextuality in Butterworth’s 2009 stage drama Jerusalem. It considers how the play ingests exterior texts in its narrative of the present and why it frequently repeats symbolic representations through citation and reference. The paradox highlighted by these intertextual returns captures the difference and sameness, the recognizable uncanny, in the every day. In considering how and why intertextual subjects emerge again in Butterworth’s most successful drama, the chapter surveys extensive meta-textual connectivities to examine the function of intertextual haunts on the contemporary English stage.


Play Drama Jez Butterworth Spectral Contemporary Stage Intertextual England Absence Uncanny 

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