Introduction. Hauntology: Ghosts of Our Lives

  • Katy Shaw


Hauntology is a peculiarly English phenomenon. Karl Marx famously claimed that his Communist revolution would start in England and, more than a hundred years on, England has become a haunt for the specters of its most recent past. The existence of this Pivot is a timely reminder of the ever growing and changing field of critical and popular enquiry on hauntology. Hauntology destabilizes space as well as time, and encourages an ‘existential orientation’ in the haunted subject, making the living consider the precarious boundary between being and non-being. By the new millennium, hauntology had become part of the zeitgeist of academic and popular criticism in England. In areas as diverse as architecture and music, art and psychoanalysis, a range of critics harnessed Derrida’s concept as a critical lens through which to read a twenty-first century English culture seemingly more concerned with co-opting the past than embracing the future.


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