An Example of Porting PETSc Applications to Heterogeneous Platforms with OpenACC

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In this paper, we document the workflow of our practice to port a PETSc application with OpenACC to a supercomputer, Titan, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Our experience shows a few lines of code modifications with OpenACC directives can give us a speedup of 1.34x in a PETSc-based Poisson solver (conjugate gradient method with algebraic multigrid preconditioner). This demonstrates the feasibility of enabling GPU capability in PETSc with OpenACC. We hope our work can serve as a reference to those who are interested in porting their legacy PETSc applications to modern heterogeneous platforms.


OpenACC PETSc GPU computing 



This research used resources of the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is supported by the Office of Science of the Department of Energy under Contract DE-AC05-00OR22725.


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  1. 1.The George Washington UniversityWashington DCUSA
  2. 2.Oak Ridge National LaboratoryOak RidgeUSA

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