A Runner’s Body

  • Thomas F. Carter


The physiology of the human body directly shapes the ways in which the mind emerges. It is through the active sensory enactment of movement that our bodies provide the requisite information for the mind to enact its environs and make itself material. Focusing on the material corporeality of a runner’s body and how its specific material shape and composition moves are the means by which we become human, this essay argues that bipedalism shapes how human beings move and thus sense the world around them. We learn to do this through a specific epistemological orientation toward the body. The ability to sense one’s pulse or one’s pain has to do with the ways in which a human being is attuned to one’s environs. Pain and pulse are wholly of the body; they are sensations of the body’s exertions to move throughout the world. It is via the body in motion that we come to know both our being and our environs.


Body Senses Pulse Pain Motion Bipedalism 

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