Assisting Robert and Recording Individual and Group Outcomes Using Value-Based Integrated Case Management Procedures

  • Roger G. Kathol
  • Rachel L. Andrew
  • Michelle Squire
  • Peter J. Dehnel

Chapter Objectives

  • To illustrate the effects of using value-based integrated case management complexity assessments and care plans while working with an individual employed by a large manufacturer.

  • To practice connecting health complexity barriers to a care plan designed to reverse health- and life-related challenges affecting workplace performance.

  • To illustrate the simplicity in documenting of health and life outcomes during performance of value-based integrated case management.

  • To record Robert’s case outcomes in a grouped VB-ICM performance grid, which establishes value for the population served.


VB-ICM management Individual VB-ICM outcomes Grouped VB-ICM outcomes 

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  • Roger G. Kathol
    • 1
  • Rachel L. Andrew
    • 2
  • Michelle Squire
    • 3
  • Peter J. Dehnel
    • 4
  1. 1.Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ and University of MinnesotaBurnsvilleUSA
  2. 2.Premera Blue Cross Mountlake TerraceUSA
  3. 3.ManahawkinUSA
  4. 4.Twin Cities Medical SocietyEdinaUSA

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