Care Plan Development, Barrier Reversal, Patient-Centered ICM Performance, Graduation, and Outcome Analysis

  • Roger G. Kathol
  • Rachel L. Andrew
  • Michelle Squire
  • Peter J. Dehnel

Chapter Objectives

  • To demonstrate how to use the value-based integrated case management Complexity Assessment Grid to develop a prioritized care plan.

  • To use the developed care plan to assist and support individuals in reversing identified barriers to improvement and stabilizing health.

  • To document clinical, functional, cost, satisfaction, and quality of life outcomes during integrated case management assistance and support.

  • To prepare individuals and their clinicians for return to standard care—graduation.

  • To report consolidated adult and pediatric outcomes for individuals and groups assisted through value-based integrated case management.


Care plan development VB-ICM assistance and support Care plan outcomes PCIP outcomes VB-ICM graduation Measuring VB-ICM success 

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  • Roger G. Kathol
    • 1
  • Rachel L. Andrew
    • 2
  • Michelle Squire
    • 3
  • Peter J. Dehnel
    • 4
  1. 1.Cartesian Solutions, Inc.™ and University of MinnesotaBurnsvilleUSA
  2. 2.Premera Blue Cross Mountlake TerraceUSA
  3. 3.ManahawkinUSA
  4. 4.Twin Cities Medical SocietyEdinaUSA

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