An Advanced Hardware Platform for Modern Hand-Prostheses

  • Peter HegenEmail author
  • Klaus Buchenrieder
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While commercially available prostheses have seen mechanical improvements in recent years, new and improved myoelectric control schemes have been proposed in academia but have not made it into readily available devices. Conversely, current commercial prostheses only allow a limited number of analog-only input channels and can not be easily modified. However, research on myoelectric control schemes is frequently conducted using a higher number of channels and new control schemes necessitate the modification of the hand prostheses firmware.

In this contribution, we present new electronics and firmware for the commercial Steeper bebionic hand prosthesis. The firmware implements different control schemes for analog and digital sensors. To support both types of sensors, we bring forward a communication scheme for a combined interface, ensuring backwards compatibility.


Electromyography EMG Prosthetic hands 


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