Dynamic Behavior and Performance Analysis of Piezoelastic Energy Harvesters Under Model and Parameter Uncertainties

  • Paulo S. VarotoEmail author
Conference paper
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The main goal of this article is to perform a comprehensive analysis of the effects of parameter and model uncertainties on the dynamic behavior of piezoelastic energy harvesters. Piezoelectric energy harvesters demand for optimized mechanical and electric models such that optimum performance can be achieved in the mechanical-to-electrical energy conversion process. The presence of uncertainties can significantly alter the dynamic response of the harvester and therefore affecting its overall performance in terms of the amount of electrical energy available in the conversion process. Euler-Bernoulli beam theory is employed in the formulation of the energy harvesting electromechanical models that account for uncertain parameters in terms of the piezoelectric, electrical, geometric and mechanical boundary condition properties. Extensive numerical analysis are performed in frequency ranges where the device under study present multiple natural frequencies. Numerically simulated results are compared to experimental data reinforcing the importance of accounting for uncertainties in the design process of piezoelectric energy harvesters.


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All the support received from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and FAPESP (Official funding agency of the state of Sao Paulo) is very much appreciated and recognized.


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